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Hello from Toowoomba Queensland Australia
Welcome. We stock Gidgee Eye wear. Canvas water bags now available


Belts, knives, hat bands


*Australian made leather belts, 1.5" wide (to fit jeans).
In black or various browns. Plain or embossed
(eg Ride to Live, Winchester, jumping horses etc).
Clips at end to take a buckle. $23
(Buckles available from $5)

*Poly woven belts in various colours $23

Old Timer knives now on sale.
Two sizes. Smaller one $63

*Pocket knives from $23

Bear & Sons
Made in Jacksonville, AL, 

Made in U S A

Large screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, scissors, wire cutters, regular pliers, needlenose pliers, knife, wire stripper, can/bottle opener, ruler, medium screwdriver, package opener, wood/metal file.

Made in Germany

Hat bands

GREEN RIVER KNIVES from J.Russell & Co
Made in the USA
"A special steel, made for us only, and our best skill employed in forging & tempering make this knife - UNEQUALED - We WARRANT every blade. John Russell Cutlery Co Green River Works"
06221    Skinning knife  $41

 06501 Skinning Knife $45

2801 6" boning knife $39

04691 Carving knife $46