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Hello from Toowoomba Queensland Australia
Welcome. We stock Gidgee Eye wear.


Akubra - Australian made at Kempsey, New South Wales
and sold by Rhonda's Refits. Call us for a freight quote.

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Akubra Roughrider                      Akubra Arena                       Akubra Territory                
          $157                                       $157                                       $146
Black or light sand                     Black or sand                                  Khaki
Blue, Loden, Magenta


         Top Hat                               Cattleman                              Outback Club
            $158                                    $143                                      $162
           Black                        Khaki, Bran,Fawn,,Grey, Sand                        Black or sand
     Stony Creek                              The Bobby                             Snowy River
          $153                                       $147                                         $143
      Light Sand                             Black, Sand                              Sand, Santone
      Coober Pedy                          Bronco                                
           $161                                    $157                                      
  Santone,sand                        Black,or Quartz                             

       The Croc                            Riverina
           $168                                   $158
          Black                              Bran,Loden,Sand

Avalon  Tempest $149
Bianca Magenta  $165
Bogart  Black $141
The Boss  Tanbark Brown  $147
Centenary  sand $158
Cowboy Tanbark, Sand, Santone $145
Fedora Carbon Grey $148
Golden Spur  sand $153
Kentucky Rancher Light Sand $157
Mansfield  Sand, Sorrel $157
Pastoralist  Fawn $140
Saddle Bronc  Tanbark, Light Sand $157
Sombrero  Fawn $144
Stockman Sand, Santone $143
Squatter   Carbon Grey $140
Traveller  Regency Fawn  $149
Warrego  Sand $153
Woomera  Sand $153

Sizes up to 64 in stock in some of the above.

B K Smith Felt Hat Care Kit. Cleaning sponge, 125mL cleaning spray, 125 mL rain and stain protector. $24.95